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Camino las Mantecas s/n, Nanotec Building

38320, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. SPAIN

R&D center and Tech accelerator

ARQUIMEA Research Center is the R&D Center of ARQUIMEA Group

ARQUIMEA Research Center is a private R&D center, part of ARQUIMEA Group, with the calling of developing ideas and getting involved in projects with a high impact in society. We rely on a product-oriented strategy, market diversification and internationalization to achieve a sustainable growth with the aim of creating the technology of tomorrow.
ARQUIMEA Group  is a cross-sectoral international technology group that developes solutions and innovative products in highly-demanding activity sectors. At ARQUIMEA Group we believe in technology as the engine for social development. R&D and innovation are at the core of our DNA.

Creating and delivering value in 3 steps


An Tech Scout

Identification and validation of state-of-the-art technologies able to provide at least a 10x impact on clients needs. More


An Tech Demonstrator

Research and development of breakthrough technologies jointly with key partners/clients. The projects aim to obtain tech demonstrators and IP able to be transferred. More


An Market Validation

After step 2, the technology and IP is transferred to Arquimea Group companies, external companies or to our Spin-Out incubator, where the technology is validated for a proper market fit. More

Bricks for the future

An Tech Scout. Our Technology Scouting funnel

These are some of the technologies that we are validating to be incorporated as Research Lines in Arquimea Research Center.

An Market Validation. Our Spin-Out Incubator

Research and technology lines that are being validated in the market

Let’s talk

Got a project? Do you want to work with us?

Do you have an innovative research idea and you would like to build your own team and research line in an innovative center?

Do you want to develop highly differential technologies in your company to increase your competitivity?

One of our challenges is to find talent and people that share our vision of the world and teamwork.

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